We help the company to develop

strategies for the internationalization of the

brand towards new markets.

Place it in the best markets, evaluate the

investment and define the most effective

entry strategies. These are some of the

main lines of action that we undertake to

have a good positioning on international markets.


Our business was born with the aim of being considered by our Partners as the best structure for the development and planning of: sales, actions to improve brand reputation, new business opportunities in the Asian market. To obtain important results it is essential to have a deep knowledge of the brand, the product and choose the correct position for the company to be competitive in the new market.


Our Agency has a collaboration with many Italian Furniture Company, with important these strenghts: :

  • Market positioning on luxury category

  • Strategy of  investmet on the brand

  • Continous research of business opportunity 

  • Particoular attention on the market request and needs.

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